I’m Mellonie Yasmina, 34 years old, Dutch – Bosnian living in London and I love everything vintage. Because I didn’t have Facebook and wanted to update my family and friends, this was my solution. Moving here gave me more opportunity to explore different things, writing reviews for beauty products to attending fashion shows.

Born and raised in Holland, mother who is Dutch and father Bosnian. I have one big sister who is happily married with 2 kids. Went through a lot in life, one of the things is going through deep depression with anxiety and panic attacks. After years of different medication I gained weight and fell more into this dark place. Finally got the right therapy to help me deal with things. And when I finished that, I had to leave my house. With no direct place to live and 2 cats I was basically homeless. No house so I had to make decisions, what to do now. Just finished my intense therapy, recovering still and I had no roof above my head.

I always wanted to leave Holland, never really felt grounded there. After living in Belfast in my early twenties I wanted to go back. But I also always wanted to live in London, so I decided to go and see how I would feel. Finding a home was the next step. Traveling for 3 months up and down, I finally found a place here that I call home with my 2 cats, Denzel en Chloe.

Fast forward to 2 years now and I am doing pretty well, if I say so myself. There are always ups and downs, but because of my therapy I have been able to live my life and not fall back into that dark place. And I will say this, when you are dealing with mental health issues or know someone who is, make sure to find the right therapy. Never stop!

As of September 2017 I am starting my course for Fashion Styling, so my main focus will be more fashion on my blog. I want to and will be doing more travelling because it’s important to discover the world. So you will read more about my travel adventures here too in the future.

What I also love to do it taking photos, photography is my other passion. I have 3 vintage camera’s that I always use, processing my own film and hopefully next step is working in the darkroom and develop. My future dream job will be combining fashion styling with photography… and I am working hard to realise that.


And Yes, that is my natural curly hair.