Chanel Mademoiselle Prive

One of the oldest brands and my mothers favorite is Chanel. I mean we all know those famous words miss Marilyn Monroe said,

“I Only Wear Chanel no. 5 to bed”


When I read there was an exhibition here in London about Chanel and it was free! Yes please, mama needs to go. And there was an workshop you can attend, yes where do I sign in!… Since this was really last minute I didn’t really count on getting into the workshop, but I received my confirmation so the date was set. These are things when the opportunities are there, you take them.

All happy and then I received an e-mail from the organization, that due to technical issues they had to cancel the workshop because they were overbooked. I still wanted to go even if I was disappointed about the cancelled workshop.

One of the things that I really liked was the interaction with the app you needed to download for this exhibition. You had to connect your Bluetooth in order to use it correctly. While you enter every room you can use the app by pointing that for example too a door that was drawn on the wall. As soon as you aimed your phone to the door, in the app the door will open and there she was, Miss Coco Chanel herself. Sitting on a table surrounded by fabric smoking an sigaret.

One of the things that also stood out where the amount of symbols in this exhibition, the Totem room or the French Garden all had symbols in them.
There were also of course these amazing pieces, specially designed for this exhibition by Mister Karl Lagerfeld.  An room called Chanel no. 5 had to be my favorite.


This room was full of containers filled with the fragrance. Every minute some containers would automatically open and the perfume would fill the room. The perfume in the containers were all in different colors.  and in the middle of the room, in a glass cube there was a small bottle of the fragrance.

One of the down sides of this day was the overwhelming people. Because of the technical error there were a lot of people. They already had difficulties arranging the people who had an fast track pass (me) and the non fast track group. But that didn’t ruin my whole day because the experience was really amazing. Especially since there were the pieces that was just for the exhibition.

The last floor was was where the workshop was being held. You were able to choose between 3 workshops, Lasage Embroiderer, Feather and Flower maker and last Chanel Olfactive workshop. And while I was standing outside, trying to peek into the Chanel Olfactive workshop, there was this girl outside standing guard. I asked her if it was still possible to attend the workshop, I mean why not just ask and play dumb.  She said it was possible but I had to wait 30 min. and stay at the door. Since I already had seen every room, I decided that I will wait. And so after waiting 30 minutes I was able to attend the workshop, mind you the same workshop that was cancelled because they overbooked it.


The workshop was really interesting. Lets start with the beginning, Why the name no5? Anyone?… Simple, she liked the smell in the bottle with the tag no5. You were also learning the process, the fine art of perfume making. How perfume was build into different layers, why some specific scent was important for miss Coco herself and much more. At the end you were able to ask some questions and before you left they gave you an goodie bag. The same was with the others workshops, there you were able to make something and bring that home with you. In this case you were given Chanel no5 and I don’t mean a little bottle but the regular size, worth £65. together with an poster.

I can honestly say I really enjoyed the exhibition, but the real downside was how they handled everything outside. There were so many people it was insane, also inside too many people. You could’t really enjoy some of the areas because of all the people. But other then that, it was interesting and I got to attend the workshop. Mission completed!

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